Recommend sightseeing spots of Shimanami Kaido and Imabari in Ehime prefecture

I translate "しまなみ海道 & 今治 オススメ観光スポット - FreeDrop" into English.

This travel presupposes that you have a car.

Sunrise Itoyama(Rent-a-cycle)

If you want to cross the Shimanami Kaido Bridges by bicycle, I recommend you rent a bicycle here. There are lots of parking lots and rentable bicycles, and the waiting room is clean. Also, You can climb the Kurushima Kaikyo Bridge that is the first bridge in the Shimanami Kaido Bridges, in no time because the distance from the place to rent a bicycle to that bridge is short. During the busy season, such as Golden Week, you may have to wait to rent a bicycle, so if possible, you should rent it from the day before. I have waited 3 hours at Golden Week in the past.

Also, in the middle of the Kurushima Kaikyo Bridge, there is an island called Umashima that you can only land by bicycle and walking(and get off using the elevator). You can go around it for about 10 minutes. It would be best if you went there.

✅ HP: 今治市サイクリングターミナル サンライズ糸山

Michi-no-Eki "Yoshiumi Iki-Iki KAN"

There is in Oshima that is the first island in the Shimanami Kaido. It is located just off the Oshima interchange.

Ocean weather ship of Quickwater at Strait of Kurushima

You can see the huge whirlpool in front of you. Also, a Guide on the ship talks about "Shimanami Kaido" and "Murakami Suigun" to learn about the history of the area.


The ship ticket becomes a discount coupon for the seafood BBQ, so you should get on before the BBQ.

✅ HP: 来島海峡急流観潮船(うずしお体験) / 株式会社しまなみ

Seafood BBQ

You can choose the fish and shellfish yourself you want to grill them. Depending on the season, you can eat one whole octopus and many kinds of shrimp. Even if I have eaten lobster, abalone, many other and miso soups, it was about 5,000 yen per person. That is a good price!

If you can eat sashimi, I recommend you try it. The fish are fresh and thick, and the shellfish's texture is crunchy.


✅ HP: 海鮮七輪バーベキュー / 道の駅 よしうみいきいき館

Kirosan Observatory Park

One of the most marvelous viewing spots along the Shimanami Kaido. It became second place in 【Travel lovers choose! Ranking of viewing spots in Japan at 2017】. It's located less than 10 minutes by car from "Yoshiumi Iki-Iki KAN". If the weather is nice, you can see the shape of the tide and feel the beautiful blue color of the sea.

✅ HP: 亀老山展望公園 | 四国松山 瀬戸内松山|松山市公式観光情報サイト

Nomauma Highland Horse Park

It's free. You can easily meet Nomauma horses. It's cute. You can use this spot to kill time this spot. There are many mosquitoes, so be careful.

✅ HP: のまうまハイランド

Imabari Towel Main Shop

<< Caution >> Not a Towel Museum.
Imabari towels have quality standards, so many manufacturers that have passed the standard make them. Therefore, there are many types of white towels, and you feel fun to compare the feel of the towel, such as hardness, fluffiness, and hair length. Also, You can get handkerchiefs or towels for children that are perfect as souvenirs.

Also, there is a towel lab in front of the shop where you can experience the process of making Imabari towels. If you have a clerk, you can learn about the historical background and how to use the equipment, or you can have the automatic towel maker run on the spot. You can experience the awesome water supply of Imabari towels compared to other towels in the towel lab, and you will definitely want to buy Imabari towels.

※ Differences from the Towel Museum.
The Towel Museum sells not only Imabari towels but also various towels from all over the country. So there are only a few Imabari towels in the Towel Museum. If you are looking for Imabari towels, I strongly recommend you to go to this Imabari Towel Main Shop.

✅ HP: 今治タオルオフィシャルオンラインストア | 今治タオル公式通販サイト | 店舗リスト

The ruins of Imabari Castle

The spotlight illuminates it at night, and it's cool. You can see it just by driving across it.

✅ HP: 今治城 | 今治市 文化振興課

Imabari Yakitori "Seto"

Imabari has a local cuisine called "Imabari-yaki," which is made by grilling yakitori skin on a hot iron plate. I recommend the restaurant "Seto". This Chef feels unique, but everything is delicious. he serves like a course cuisine in the order in which you can eat it deliciously.


✅ HP: 今治やきとり盛り上げ隊/やきとり店訪問/世渡

Orange sales "Ikkokuya"

If you want to choose oranges while having the shop staff teach them the types of oranges, I recommend. There are sweet or refreshing oranges. Also, I think it's interesting because they sell not-fresh oranges at low prices.

The season for oranges is in winter. There are oranges in summer, but various oranges are in the winter, as shown in the photo. In the summer, there are also Watermelons and other fruits.


✅ HP: 一国屋(いっこくや)(食料品・お酒) | まいぷれ[西条市]

Public bath "Kiyomasa-no-Yu"

There is hot and loose spring, a sauna, and the dressing area is wide so that you can relax. The hot spring color is transparent and has not slimy, and it warms your body well.

✅ HP: 大浴場 | ようこそ 5500坪の温泉郷へ 四国の名湯清正乃湯

Extra edition


There is "Michan" in the waiting space for international flights and a photo booth with her frame. It's minor and almost unoccupied.


✅ HP: 松山空港に新スポット/みきゃんをモチーフにした『MICAN Garden』|トピックス&お知らせ|愛媛県の公式観光サイト【いよ観ネット】

[Official]Imabari City Tourism Map (English)